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Bachelorette Party - Finger Lakes, N.Y.

A small group of 5 of us went to the Finger Lakes in New York State for my bachelorette weekend. We had a blast! I highly recommend this region for a bachelorette weekend, as there's so much to do.

Johanna flew into Cleveland from Florida so we picked her up Thursday after work from the airport, then we drove an hour and a half to spend the night at my mom's house, as she's on the way so it shaved some time off the drive for Friday which was great seeing as how we had a tour scheduled for Friday.

We made a pit-stop at my aunt's house to say hi, then picked up pizza before eventually making it to my moms. We just hung out that evening. The next morning, we picked up my cousin Mel - my MOH - from her house on the way to the Finger Lakes.

Friday morning we made the drive to New York and stopped at the grocery store to grab some food and drinks for the weekend. Wen then went to our super cute Airbnb in Burdett, NY so we could unpack the car, changed into our wine tasting outfits and headed off to our first tour.

The first wine tour, Ithaca Wines and Waterfalls was Friday, where we had a group tour so we drove to the meet up location. It was a fun day to kick off our tasting festivities. After the tour, we drive down the road and had a couple drinks and dinner at Ithaca Beer Co.

Our second tour was Saturday, Senecas' South & West - Crust Beer & Wine Tours, and it consisted of a driver picking us up at our Airbnb and taking us to a number of wineries. We blew through some of the wineries so we had time for our driver to take us back to our favorite winery, Hazlitt, at the end with the time we had remaining. After our tour, we went back to the house and did some standard bachelorette party things. Had some drinks, played "that's what she said", and just hung out.

Sunday we went to brunch at a cute hotel on the water, Watkins Glen Harbor Hotel. After brunch, we walked around and checked out the beautiful views before making the drive home and dropping Johanna off at the airport in Erie, PA.

The entire trip was amazing. The Finger Lakes region is really nice and definitely a place I'd like to visit again. I highly recommend doing a tour, as it was the easiest way to go so you don't have to think about logistics, who is driving, and who had too much to drink. It is worth the cost.

xoxo - Christa




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