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Studs in Suits [more details to come]


Over President's Day Weekend (2017) we stopped in at Jos A Bank and picked out suits for the guys. Definitely a weird experience because of the interesting staff but overall, we walked away really happy.

The suits we went with were originally priced at $600 but because of the 'sale' we got them for $200.


The weekend before we were at Nordstrom's looking at Burberry ties for the two groomsmen because a while back, Joey purchased his tie (Burberry) at a great discount and we needed to find something that would coordinate well with the look of his. He ended up paying regular price for the 2 ties for the guys at $190 each, but we really liked them and know that the guys would really appreciate them too. So, about $400 later, we were ready to get the heck out of the mall!


Getting married on a boat (cruise ship), Joey wanted to wear Sperry's. If you aren't familiar, Sperry gives you the option of completely customizing their standard boat shoe from the thread, to the sole, and you can add your monogram on the side.




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