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Hangover/Travel Kit [work in progress]

Do we have plans to party hard? Duh! However, traditional hangover kits just won't cut it for our destination cruise wedding.

We do plan on partying hard therefore we do want to provide our guests with some hangover aids. We are also traveling so we want to also provide them with some other things outside of just hangover stuff. I'm trying to figure out a name for these kits - any ideas? I was thinking of something along the idea of things related to: Adventures & Memories.

So far, this is what we have included:

  • Gold packets/bags

  • 2 Shout wipes

  • 1 Tangerine Emergen-C pack

  • 1 Strawberry-Kiwi Emergency-C pack

  • 4 Band-Aids

  • 2 Individual packets of Advil

The budget will dictate just how much stuff we can include. I also want to make these kits useful. If you have any suggestions on what to include, please comment below!

**This will be updated as we add new items to our kits.




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