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Beer Koozies

How great are these? Totally Promotional has some really cool stuff. These, for example, were one of their products that don't charge a setup fee for the printed images which is huge if you consider most places charge about $40 for setup taking your reasonable order from about $130 to $170. To me, that's a pretty substantial difference. You can even design your own layout/image at no additional cost for one or both sides. You can mix and match, using one of their designs for one side and using your design for the other side at no additional cost. Lastly, for every 25, you can pick a different color kooozie. There are a ton to choose from and there are a ton of different print colors to choose from, including a sparkly gold or sparkly silver - I ended up using a crisp white for all of my printing.

Welcome Bags

I ordered 60 of the Two Less Fish In The Sea koozies, (30 in each of the 2 colors) for our cruise welcome bags. The side with "Two Less Fish in the Sea" was their design and I created the side with our names.

Bridal Shower

I also ordered 100 of the 'Lilly Pulitzer' koozies for the bridal shower because I had a discount code so it only cost $60 to order 100 of them. My order went from $72.78 to $132.78. I picked 4 colors for these. The side with our names was their design and since the shower is Lilly Pulitzer themed, I designed the other side to include a cute quote of hers.

Total Price: $132.78

The price includes 160 Koozies in 2 different prints both front and back, 6 different colors, tax and shipping.




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