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Athleta Monogrammed Bridesmaid Shirts

After buying my girls Michael Kors bags, I was totally over the idea of buying us denim shirts with our monograms on the pocket. Not to mention, after the research I've done, most of the shirts claim to be unisex or men's sizes. They are all boxy fit and you never know what brand you're going to get especially if you purchase something off of I even considered buying shirts from J.Crew but all of their reviews say the monogram of the is like the size of your fingertip so that defeats the purpose of getting these shirts.

While shopping at Athleta a couple days ago, I came across the shirts on clearance for 50% off! Typically $80 each I was able to get them for $40 apiece. They had two colors, they had a darker color and a lighter color so I bought the darker color for each of my two bridesmaids and the lighter color for me. I called my local embroidery shop and they told me that it would be $15 to do each shirt. I will be going in this upcoming week to take the shirts in and place my order. Hopefully within the next couple of weeks I'll get the shirts back and be able to post pictures of the final product!

Did I happen to mention that the shirts are fabulous? The material is amazing, super soft beyond belief. The slit in the back just above the rear is so feminine and adorable. The shirt might become my absolute most favorite shirt of all time.


February 6, 2017

I dropped the shirts off at a local embroidery shop so they could monogram the pockets. Since they are being monogrammed post shirt production, we will lose function of the pocket because they have to monogram through to the inside of the shirt - which is completely fine with me. They charged $15/per shirt and told me since I don't have a near deadline, they will have them done in 10 calendar days. (I also made a fantastic connection with the business owner - she has a great life story.)




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