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Games For Guests (2)

What do you do when you're sailing on the largest ship at sea (at the time of sailing) and 75% of your guests have never cruised before and you just know that the majority of your guests will be overwhelmed with the size of the ship and the amount of stuff to do onboard?


I made 2 games... a photo/video game and a drinking game.

Oh, Snap! Photo & Video Challenge:

I'm obsessed with documenting things with pictures and videos. I purchased a subscription to Eversnap for group photo sharing and I want to encourage my guests to use it. I am having a postcard printed with the game details including a list of things I want to see pictures of.

Prize: kick*** portable bluetooth WATERPROOF speaker.

Drink Up Challenge:

Everyone loves a good drinking game - or so I'd like to think. Or maybe it's - everyone loves a competition? Either way, this is a great way for our guests to see how big the ship is and some of what it has to offer. I put together a list of some of the restaurants/bars on board and am asking my guests to visit as many as possible and get at least one cocktail with a receipt from the ones they visit.

Prize: $50 American Express gift card.

I just sent both postcards to the printer today so I don't have them yet. I plan on getting colored envelopes for them and will include them in the Welcome Bags.

I was able to get these at 50% off through Zazzle.

Cost of project so far:

Grand total of just the cards: $24.96 (24 of each of the 2 cards)




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