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Welcome Bag (OOT Bag)

So far this has been my absolute favorite buy!

Last year Zazzle had a 75% off sale before Christmas so I was keeping my fingers crossed that they would again this year. And they did - score! I purchased 2 of these earlier in the year, for my bridal party of 2, to test out the quality of the bag and the print job. They passed the test. We have a good amount of people already booked so I was able to print names on 18 of the 24 bags and I ordered 6 bags without names. I'm estimating 24 rooms to be booked.

These things cost $24.90/each - WHAT?? But with that discount I scored, I was able to get them for $136.95 for 22. Now get this part, Zazzle screwed up and skipped over my order so almost 4 weeks after I ordered them, I followed up to ask the status. Being right before Christmas, they felt bad that I hadn't received them yet and were concerned that I might need them for Christmas gifts so they gave me the choice to either cancel the order and get refunded or to receive a 20% credit plus overnight delivery. Obviously I took the credit.

I purchased these with a couple other items so my grand total of that order was $167.44. When they credited me, they credited me not only for these bags, but for the order total even though I had already received the other items. So with a purchase of $136.95 plus the credit of $33.49, I scored 22 of these bags for $103.46. Holy cow was I so excited!

Total project cost:

$103.46 + the 2 test bags at 40% off ($29.88) = Grand total of $133.34




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