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Our Friend the Photographer

Looking all over the internet for a professional photographer to accompany us on the cruise was quite the task. I sent so many emails and made a handful of inquiries trying to find someone willing to join us on a 7 night cruise - but for a reasonable price.

IMPOSSIBLE. Or should I say impossible because I have high expectations but a modest budget.

Most companies wanted us to pay for all of their travel plus the cost of their wedding packages. Not to mention they would only shoot for their standard package time - i.e.; 8 or 10 hours. I understand from their point of view, but from mine, they are getting a beautiful vacation out of it so why couldn't they be more flexible?

Well let me tell you just how we lucked out!

It had never crossed my mind that we were introduced years ago via our family to a beautiful Alaskan couple who travels the world photographing gear for well known companies. When we visited Alaska this past summer, we all hung out and after agreeing to an arrangement we all decided that they were the perfect team to join us as our photographers. (Sorry everyone, they aren't for hire to do weddings, this isn't what they do for a living.)

They will be the perfect addition to our fun group. I couldn't have asked for a better couple to join us. I'm so excited because not only will they fit in perfectly with our friends and family, they agreed to take candids at group hangouts to help document our vacation.

*I grabbed this photo of them off of their website. I do not own the rights to it.

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