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Adult Coloring Book for Welcome Bags

Studies have shown many health benefits of coloring.

These packs of Crayola markers were on sale at Target at the start of the school year for $1 per pack (regularly $3.99/each). I picked up 30 packs at the time. I was struggling looking for Adult Coloring Books because they are so expensive typically. Luckily I stumbled across these (and tons of others) at Marcs Grocery Stores for $1.99/each (regularly $12.99/each). I had to drive around to 5 stores, which wasn't too terrible seeing as how 2 were near my house and 3 were near my office. I gathered up 26 in total.

I have a paper store - it's very warehouse-ish .25 miles from my house (I practically live there when I'm working on a project) so I picked up some pretty blue envelopes to put these coloring books and markers into. I printed out a list of 10 benefits of coloring to put on the outside of each envelope so people have a better understanding why they are receiving these in their bags.

I have to mention that these coloring books are so perfect! They have pages about Love and pictures of Mermaids, and tropical patterns and whimsical positive quotes. They were a good grab.

Total price for this project:

Estimated at $30 for markers, $51.74 for coloring books, $2.60 for envelopes = Grand Total of $81.74 (pre tax)




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