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Wedding Website

I chose for our wedding website. It's a paid service that I found to be worth the one time fee of $39 (or $89 for a luxury template.) I also was able to find a coupon code so I paid a total of $31.20.

These are actual screen shots that I took from their website along with some from our customized website, both from the web portal backend plus what our guests view.

When I say I spent a lot of time setting our site up, I mean that I added a ton of information about our cruise and other travel info, not that the website wasn't user friendly - because it was very easy to use.

There's a fun little phone app that is both IOS and Android compatible. There's so much that this site lets you do that it's not worth me going into detail about each little thing so as an overview, here are some of my favorite features:

- Mobile App

- Guest List with RSVP

- Create as many events as you'd like, i.e.; payment deadline/welcome reception/wedding ceremony/wedding reception

- Track those who have logged into either the app or website

- List of 'important people' such as the wedding party

- List of all guests that have signed up with a description of how they know us

- Send individual or group messages via the mobile app or online portal to anyone in your invite list

- Guests can send messages/questions directly to the 'important people' so they don't have to bother you

- Add videos

- Add photos

- Include as many pieces of information as necessary, i.e.; passports/booking/group info/payment info/itinerary/hotel block/transportation/flights/info for first time cruisers/what to pack/what the weather is at the destinations/beverage packing info/set dinner info/onboard Royal Caribbean IQ mobile app for communication and schedules/details about the ship/necessary personal identification documents/direct links to book excursions for each port/etc....

Overall, for $31.20, it's beyond easy to remind guests about all the info on our website to help answer questions. If nothing else, it keeps everything readily available for ME and that type of organization and convenience is worth the price itself.




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