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Eversnap - Best Photo Sharing App

My most favorite thing is to document the memories.

Therefore, it only makes sense to find the perfect App for all our guests to share their photos in one place. Ever snap does it and does it well.

We purchased the Basic Package for $99 very early on and received the cute little 'how to' cards in time to include them with our wedding invitations. We only sent out 40 invitations and we received 200 of the 'how to' cards. We plan on using some of the left over cards in our Welcome Bags inside the photo game (check out that blog post for more details). In addition, I'm considering using the rest at the Bridal Shower. That way, not only will the shower photos be posted in one location, those guests not coming to the wedding will know how and where to view the cruise photos should they have the desire to.

We tested this App out when we traveled to Alaska in 2016. It worked great. We had 6 contributors in the Alaska album and had over 1,000 photos.

The cool thing about this App is that it's FREE if for groups of 20 or less.

I will say, the Android App was a little glitchy. Sometimes it wouldn't upload from my phone very well. I didn't see the iPhone users having trouble. Since I had so many photos to upload anyways, I put all my phone pics and my professional Nikon camera pics on my computer and uploaded them via the web browser. That way I could let it get to work and I didn't have to worry about not using my phone during that time (in case it glitched.)

Moral of the story - I highly recommend this App because of it's ability to upload an unlimited number of full size photos and videos to share with everyone within an album and you can download other users full size photos and videos too! Missed that shot by Lilly Lou captured it? Great, you can grab her photo from the album!




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